We are moved  by our beliefs.

Together, we can create a better workplace in the 21st century. We call it WORKPLACE21. We want to leave behind toxic workplaces, inhumane leaders, poor collaboration and meaningless work. Technology, especially AI, can help us build workplaces driven by purpose and reinforce the powerful nature of human creativity. To unlock all that potential, we need to love the work we do and create productive relationships with the ones we work with.
Happier teams doing only what they are passionate about have been proven to perform better.
For us, the only things matter are competence, skills, and integrity. Keeping this focus will eliminate bias, and help leaders develop to be better people leaders.
We spend our days studying people at work and how to put new technologies to the service of our vision. We create applications to be intuitive and highly functional.
We came from all over the world - Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paulo, UK, Zurich, Australia and New Zeland to collaborate and create a 21st-century company with no HQ but big plans. Join WP21.

Cesar Keller

Founder & CEO

International business luminary of global multinationals, investor and tech startup adviser


Cheryl Breukelman

Founder & CPO

Global coaching, leadership and teaming rock star. Founder of Epiphany Coaches Inc. guiding industry heavyweights in over 50 countries